Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited


As with most construction sites the problems created by the tangled “birds nests” of electrical extension leads and the hazards they create has been an ongoing safety issue on Mainzeal’s sites as well. Tangled leads in access ways create potential slip-trip hazards; hinder movement of mobile scaffold and other mobile plant and causes damage to the leads.

The introduction of the stoA suspension hangers to all of our sites in the Waikato / BOP area has made a huge impact. Access ways are now clear of leads, including the heavy 63 amp lifeguard leads. This has eliminated the slip-trip hazard, allowed for unrestricted movement of mobile scaffolds etc and reduced the likelihood of lead damage. The over all effect is safer and more efficient sites. Since their introduction the subcontractors have taken to them with no hesitation at all. The Site Manager’s way of enforcing them at the start was to unplug anyone that was not using them; they soon got the idea and saw the benefits of them. Greg White Health and Safety Manager Mainzeal Property and Construction Ltd Waikato / BOP Area

Site Safe


Site Safe is happy to endorse the use of stoA’s Cable management system to the industry. Keeping sites tidy, in an economic way, enabling better access to work areas and improving housekeeping can only go towards ensuring better safety standards on our construction sites.

Professional Lighting Services ltd


In the entertainment industry, things are always changing. When equipment is rigged on scaffolding grids and trusses we need to keep cabling away from hot lights and also gain a degree of segregation between power and data cabling. In the past the industry has relied on electrical and gaffer tape to fix cable to the suspension structure. Now with the STOA cable hanger we are able fix cables in a secure manner without having to rely on tape to hold them in place. This has two major benefits, one when the equipment has to be moved the cable can be re run in a matter of seconds. The second benefit is that we don't end up with tape residue on truss and cable which then goes on to collect dust and dirt. We use the STOA cable hanger extensively in both our permanent and temporary lighting installations and find them a marvelous innovation. Chris McKenzie Lighting Director Professional Lighting Services Ltd