stoA air hose tidy

The patented stoA Air Hose Tidy has been designed to store and feed-out your hoses tangle free every time, making it perfect for anyone who regularly uses hoses, from the tradesman to the home handyman.

Unlike a conventional hose reel the stoA Air Hose Tidy stacks the hose on top of itself, this ensures that the hose goes on one way and comes off one way so it’s never going to tangle. There are no springs to wear out or break and unlike a retractable hose reel there is no tension pulling back on the hose

The stoA Air Hose Tidy can be used mounted on its bracket; the bracket gives a 180 degree range of feed, they can also be moved from bracket to bracket with ease or used as a portable unit.  Being portable means you can store the stoA Air Hose Tidy up and out of the way by its front hook.

They are manufactured using high quality fibreglass reinforced plastic for strength and durability. Like all stoA products, the stoA Hose Tidy is made to last.
The stoA Hose Tidy is designed to hold up to 30 metres of 12mm-13mm ID hose.  If you need more than 30 metres of hose just simply join two stoA Hose Tidy’s together (see detailed instructions for more information)