stoA washdown

The new patented ‘stoA washdown’ is well suited to any industry that uses large hoses.

It feeds out your hose with ease, reducing the risk of common workplace injuries associated with the handling of heavy hoses.

It keeps hoses neatly off the ground, minimising the risk of tripping hazards associated with hoses in the workplace and assists with effective pathogen control by splaying the hose coils evenly allowing thorough cleaning to take place.

The ‘stoA washdown’ can be purchased mounted on either a stand or bracket; the stand giving a full 360 degree range of feed. The units are interchangeable and can be moved from one bracket or stand to the other.

The ‘stoA washdown’ is manufactured using nylon graphite bushes, stainless steel springs and 316 grade stainless steel due to its corrosion resistant properties. The unit has also been electro polished to produce an easy to clean finish and quality look. The ‘stoA washdown’ is a work of art and is made to last.

1. load up 2. pull down 3. walk away