stoA suspension hanger - film

We have done extensive trials on stoA Suspension hangers, and they have also proven to be beneficial for the film and stage lighting/entertainment industry.

These are black in colour and manufactured from a UL listed grade fire retardant material.

The benefits are;

  1. Fast installation and fast breakdown of your site inturn saves time rigging and derigging.
  2. You can separate data cables from power cables, thus reducing the interference associated with the two.
  3. If your equipment is found to be faulty (e.g. data cables) they can easily be found and replaced thus reducing the time involved in cutting tape and cable ties.
  4. You will reduce the amount of discarded tape and cable ties making it a very environmentally friendly option, stoA suspension hangers are also fully recyclable.
  5. Reduce the amount of tape and reduce the amount of sticky residue left on your cables.


We can also offer you the added bonus of including your company logo embossed into the plastic, which is a great idea for ownership protection and/or advertising your company, minimum orders are required.

Please check out our Suspension Domes; these can be made from the same fire resistant material and are a perfect companion to stoA suspension hangers when working with flat walls.

Another advantage is; if you revisit sites on a regular basis and are able to leave the domes in place for next time, it reduces set up time once again.