stoA suspension hanger

StoA suspension hangers are used for keeping trailing cables & hoses up and out of the way, this benefits you by reducing tripping hazards on your worksite.

StoA suspension hangers are designed to hanging just about anywhere. Ask for them at your leading Hardware, Electrical and Safety retail stores.

We can do special runs in your company colour and include your logo embossed in the plastic, which is a great idea for ownership protection and/or advertising, minimum orders are required.
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Hanging your stoA suspension hangers on 4X2 dwangs is easily done as shown in the above picture.

If you are hanging your stoA suspension hangers from ceiling battens and they are going the opposite way to the direction you need them to go, you can easily lock two of them together as shown in the above picture.

Before After
Before After


Suspension Hangers have a huge variety of uses -
just let your imagination run wild!