stoA cable tidy

The patented stoA Cable Tidy has been designed to store and feed out your extension leads tangle free every time, making it perfect for anyone who regularly uses extension leads, from the tradesman to the home handyman.

Unlike conventional cable reels that can catch on fire unless fully unwound before use, the stoA Cable Tidy allows you to safely use as much or as little as you need which also minimises the risk of tripping hazards as you can safely leave the rest on the stoA.

The stoA Cable Tidy can be used by itself, or mounted on a bracket; the bracket giving a 180 degree range of feed, making it perfect for the workshop and they can be moved from bracket to bracket with ease.

Due to its front hook and the unique claws on its handle the stoA Cable Tidy is versatile enough to hang on any ledge, nail or hook.  To reload your lead when using it portable it’s easy to hang virtually anywhere by its handle (such as a fence or tree limb) this way you can use both hands to load it up.

The stoA Cable Tidy is manufactured using high quality fibreglass reinforced plastic for strength and durability. Like all stoA products, it is made to last.

The stoA Cable Tidy is designed to hold up to 35 metres of 10 amp 3 core single phase flex.

Here's a great litte trick below when using it as a portable unit;

1. lay flat
2. flip vertically
3. walk away

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