Oct 23, 2012

StoA Cable Systems - follow-up from John the Oshman

Back in Issue 9 of TOOL Magazine I wrote an article on electrical extension leads and listed the dangers in using them on construction sites, such as cables left in mud or puddles, cable being run over by mobile scaffolds or vehicles, trip hazards with cables on the floor, etc.

The article finished with me giving a plug to the stoA cable management systems; well, today I just wanted to give you all an update on stoA.

The news is all good in relation the major construction companies, with the likes of Fletchers, Hawkins, Mainzeal and Multiplex all now using them. In fact Mainzeal has now purchased units in bright yellow with their logo on them.

Placemakers and the Mega Mitre 10 are now all stocking the product. Site Safe, the DoL and ACC are all more than happy with the product.

In all cases where the product is used, safety has improved-no trip hazards, fewer cables are damaged and mobile scaffolds are much easier to move.

So the OSHMAN is pleased to tell you that these products are starting to take the market by storm, as not only safety but also productivity is improved by using them.