About Us

StoA Products Ltd is a family owned and operated New Zealand Company; their quality products first entered the market in 2004 and have withstood the test of time. 

The team at StoA Products is very dedicated to the day to day business by constantly improving, researching and developing new ideas and adding products to their existing line, catering to the demand of many markets from industrial through to the home handy person.

Safety and ease of use is one of StoA Products main priorities, StoA Products is also very dedicated to the sustainable protection and care of the environment, so the base materials used in manufacturing their products comply with global RoHS requirements, all packaging is made from sustainably managed forests and controlled resources, even the ink used in the packaging is now vegetable based. 

Reduce, Recycle and Re-Use and a quality product that lasts the distance is what StoA Products strives for, all manufacturing plants are ISO9000 accredited, all products are made in New Zealand and are as environmentally friendly as possible, plus fully recyclable.

It is StoA Products plan to grow as their products gain recognition throughout the world using distributors who are as passionate about their products as they are.


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